Primo ATUV (All Terrain Utility Vehicles)

Vantage PRIMOs feature the ultimate cargo area and load-carrying capacity in its class. Vantage PRIMO Trucks and Vans are your rugged partners for everyday efficiency and maximum performance. Optional 4WD feature lets you shift between 4WD and 2WD with one touch and the 1.2 liter MPI engine provides an ideal combination of performance, fuel economy and durability.

Vantage PRIMO is designed from the ground up with performance, versatility and superior quality in mind. Built-in safety features allow Vantage PRIMO to deliver the smoothest and safest ride. Vantage PRIMO offers the most power in its class, the 64 hp Engine delivers all the muscle you need for any type of terrain.

Luxurious Interior and Features

Rely on Vantage PRIMO for the comfort and features you need. Vantage PRIMO's attention to detail makes life easier for you and your passengers.


Airports, Amusement Parks, Business Campuses, Casinos, Cemeteries, Colleges, Driving Ranges, Farms, Golf Courses, Government Facilities, Hotels, Resorts, Military Bases, Nurseries, Parking Structures, Rail Yards, Ranches, Race Tracks, Refineries, Construction Sites, Stadiums, University Campuses, Zoos, Desert Terrains, Snow and Mud Terrains, Hunting Parks, Recreational Areas, State and National Parks