Throughout the overall design the heavy-duty ladder type frame creates a smooth ride without sacrificing the rugged ability to handle those big loads. The payload capacity of 2,500 pounds puts it among the best in the industry.* The suspension and differential are heavy-duty and the power assisted front-disc and rear-drum brakes are powerful enough to stop quickly. The TruckALL engine has plenty of torque on tap and is constructed for performance and durability. Indeed, you can expect years and years of service life from these trucks—built tough for the long run!

All TruckALL models are equipped to make driving easy, simple and safe. An engine compartment and the electric cooling fan allow for a quiet and comfortable cab interior, optional air conditioning and full instrumentation as well as a full complement of headlights, taillights, fog lights, blinkers, and emergency flashers provides the driver the highest level of comfort and security.

Imagine, the best truck in the business also has the best warranty in the industry; 1-year limited warranty on the entire truck and 2-years on the engine and driveline (see warranty for details). No other off-road truck can touch this class of trucks. It's a Vantage Vehicle.

*Load capacity and passenger rating are limited by FMVSS 500 should the vehicle be registered and driven on public roads.