There is nothing quite like a Vantage Green Truck or Green Van. These low speed electric vehicles define where the industry is headed. As always with eco-friendly Vantage Vehicles, the destination is the same – innovative technology with the ultimate in safety, comfort and performance.


A brushless 3-phase induction AC electric motor with plenty of torque constructed for performance and durability. Power brakes that enable the driver to make a quick stop. Vantage Electric Vehicles are equipped with high quality components on an all-steel chasis and body that receive a rust-deterring undercoat spray.


The Green Truck and Green Van are spacious low speed vehicles that offer first-class features, comforts and style such as fully adjustable contoured seats. Plenty of headroom and legroom combine with a seemingly endless number of cargo/passenger configurations. The fully-enclosed cabin protects drivers from the elements and is quiet and comfortable.


The Green Truck and Green Van feature: 3-point ELR front seat belts, laminated windshield safety glass, heavy-duty suspension components, a large wheel base with a heavy-duty ladder frame, headlights, tail-lights, fog lights, blinkers and hazard flashers.

Savings and Efficiency

Maintenance free batteries and the comforts of a fully equipped vehicle. You may never buy gas again!